Moving in Close Q-Waters!

CSD commission, survey and repair multiple moving floors each year, it is specialised work and our in-depth experience and training mean that CSD have the highly skilled teams to carry it out.

Diver working under moving floor

Diver working under moving floor

Moving Floor 1 Moving floors are a great way to bring versatility to your pool and as long as they are regularly inspected and well-maintained they work both safely and smoothly. The inspection process presents a number of hazards which our professional divers are well-qualified to deal with. Firstly, the mechanism of pulleys and cables is located beneath the moving floor on the bottom of the pool and access is through a hatch which can be very limited in size. Secondly, once beneath the floor the visibility can be very poor indeed and spotlights are needed to allow a close and thorough inspection. There is also the added problem of diving in a confined space that has the moveable floor acting as a ceiling – meaning there is no direct exit from the water. By using surface air supply instead of sub-aqua tanks, our divers minimise risks and work in the safest environment possible.

Whilst carrying out annual surveys to inspect under-floor mechanisms, CSD also clean the build up of debris on the pool floor and report back on the condition of the floor panels, lane markers and all other H&S elements of the pool.  All done with the minimum of down-time, meaning the pools are back in use in no time at all!