Underwater Welding

One of the highly specialised services we offer our clients, and one that many commercial diving companies do not is underwater welding. These highly skilled operations require training, precision and expertise and are often carried out in hazardous environments.

One of the uses of underwater welding is the installation of sacrificial anode brackets A sacrificial anode is one of those little things that mean a lot. They keep steel boats, marine engines, water heaters, bridge pilings and many other wet metal objects from rusting into dust prematurely. Why do you need a sacrificial anode? Because, by using an anode made of a metal like zinc, the anode will decompose before the steel will rust, so the steel is protected.

Underwater welding comes into its own when water cannot be removed from a welding site and also saves the cost of lifting items out of the water. CSD regularly use underwater welding techniques for a variety of purposes including hull repairs, welding anode brackets (see RNLI news story), repairing sheet pile walls and shuttering.

Diving helmet with welding visor

Diving helmet with welding visor