Moveable Floor Inspections

Many swimming pools overlook the importance of inspecting their moveable floors. The main problem is that any damage or maintenance required is extremely hard to observe without inspecting the moving floor up close and from underneath.  We recommend that every moveable floor should be inspected regularly in order to observe, control and repair any potential problems.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are called out frequently to inspect and service moveable floors. There are numerous problems that can occur such as cable fraying, corrosion, loose floor panels and debris under the floor. Not to forget that the edge around the moveable floor should not have a gap of more than 8mm for health and safety reasons! All of these issues cannot be identified unless your floor receives a professional inspection. Failure in this could ultimately end in your floor failure.

Diver working under moving floor

Diver working under moving floor

Commercial and Specialised Diving are confined space experts as well as experienced divers. This makes us the perfect company to contact to get your moveable floor inspected! Find the problem before the problem finds you. Call us today on 01202 580007.