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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Whatever your role in construction, CDM 2015 aims to improve health and safety in the industry by helping you to: sensibly plan the work so the risks involved are managed from start to… Continue reading

Tank Inspection, Repair and Maintenance – Our speciality

Tanks come in an amazing range of shapes and sizes and have inumerable uses. They may also be above or below ground, free-standing or ‘built-in’. But there is one thing they all have… Continue reading

Technology Spot – Bridge Components

Bridges have been around for many years throughout history as a means of easily traversing challenging areas. There are many different types of bridges and below you will see a cross-section of a… Continue reading

ROV Inspection – Reservoir Valve

ROV Inspection This month Commercial and Specialised Diving were asked to assist with the inspection of a faulty valve located in a reservoir. In this case it could have been extremely dangerous to… Continue reading

How Locks Work – CSD Techno Spot

A very common site in the British countryside is that of the Lock, but how do they work? There are many different types of locks such as a staircase lock, broad lock, guillotine… Continue reading

Anode Installation

One of the services in frequent demand at Commercial & Specialised Diving is the installation of sacrificial anodes. This is a highly skilled operation that requires underwater welding. Sacrificial anodes help protect submerged… Continue reading

5 Man Dive Teams – Did You Know?

HSE ACOP Dive Team Size   The minimum team size normally required to conduct a surface-supply dive safely within the scope of this ACOP is five – a supervisor, a working diver, a… Continue reading

Cofferdam Removal – Underwater Burning

Commercial and Specialised Diving are called in to carry out Cofferdam removals countrywide. Cofferdams are temporary enclosures, typically constructed of mild steel sheet piles, to allow work to be carried out in areas… Continue reading

Circular Pile Repairs

The inspection of underwater structures is often overlooked but is extremely important. This is because it helps to highlight any issues with the structure -some of which might need urgent attention.  You could… Continue reading

ROV Underwater Inspections

Remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) are often utilised by Commercial and Specialised Diving who have a highly mobile and versatile ROV which contains a camera and is ideal for carrying out underwater inspections. ROVs… Continue reading