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Investigating the Lost Sherman DD-Tanks of Omaha Beach

Seventy years ago today, on 6th June 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in history, code-named Operation Neptune better known as D-Day, began on the¬†Normandy Beaches in Northern France. This began the invasion of… Continue reading

Swash Channel Wreck Rudder Lift

Update: The first artefacts¬†from the Wreck have gone on show at Poole Museum this Saturday (26/07/14), including a replica of the wreck carving that we helped to raise last year. With this Poole… Continue reading

The SS Mendi – A Forgotten Tragedy in British Waters

Commercial & Specialised Diving have been involved in numerous Film and TV projects over the years but few have been as meaningful as visiting the wreck of the SS Mendi with Zwai Mgijima.… Continue reading