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Top Tip – Ladder Striker Plates

This month our top tip considers ladder striker plates – these plates are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and are fixed to the floor or walls behind the ladder feet. Without… Continue reading

Poolside Tiling Repairs – Fingergrip edging tiles

Fingergrip tiles are found in pools with deck level grating, the tiles are partially submerged and provide swimmers with an edge to hold on to; as well as a demarcation strip allowing users to easily distinguish the pool edge.

The Pool With a Goal – Installing Water Polo Goals

Without a pair of goals water polo fails to draw a much of an audience and quickly begins to lack purpose.

Outdoor Lido Handrails

Draining a 90x30m pool can be immensely expensive so Commercial and Specialised Diving was called in to repair the handrails at this outdoor lido.

Top Tip – Proud Grille Fixings

Even the most eagle eyed maintenance manager would struggle to spot these common pool hazards from the surface

Don’t Let Your Outdoor Pool or Lido Float Away This Autumn!

Be aware! Outdoor pools, without any water in them, act as boats within the water table. As the water table rises due to heavy rainfall, those boats may just decide to try and head for the sea!

Remedials to Hazards Between Swimming Sessions

Providing the best service possible to our clients is of paramount importance to CSD and in order to achieve this we often have to work to a tight schedule. Few recent projects have… Continue reading

Internal Scum Channel Grilles

Despite their seemingly awkward location, Commercial and Specialised Diving are able to fit high density polyethylene (HDPE) grilles over these scum channel outlets

Emergency Remedials for Tiling Failure

Major problems at swimming pools that may lead to them being shut for safety reasons can happen at any time and with no warning, this is particularly true for tiling issues. For this… Continue reading

Supplement your H&S checks with an underwater survey

One of the biggest challenges when running a swimming pool is ensuring it meets health and safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using the pool. To help ensure this most pools… Continue reading