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Yellow, green or black… which algae do you have?

If your pool is looking tired and old, it may be that it just needs a clean. Algae can grow on the tiles and grout joints, making the pool look grubby.    … Continue reading

Hold on tight – is there an accident waiting to happen in your pool?

‘Handrails, steps and ladders providing access to the pool must be of sufficient strength and firmly fixed to the surround and tank walls.’ Extract from Article 87 in the Managing health and safety… Continue reading

Did you know pool divers require a medical to work?

Did you know that divers require a certificate of fitness in order to work underwater? The Health and Safety Executive stipulate diver training and health requirements in order for a person to be… Continue reading

Epoxy Bead Flooring – Fed up with your poolside looking dated?

Epoxy Bead Flooring Epoxy Bead Flooring is a hard wearing, decorative floor made up of coloured quartz crystals encapsulated in a clear resin.   It is non-slip, performs better than tiles and is… Continue reading

Is your moving floor about to harm customers?

Health and Safety – Is your moving floor about to harm customers? ‘The design of a movable floor and/or bulkhead, either for a new pool or for an existing pool, will need to… Continue reading

Children are pulling out your expansion joints!

Children are pulling out your expansion joints? ‘Where movement joints are provided in order to meet the requirements of BS 5385: Part 3 1989 (amended 1992), the compound used should be as hard… Continue reading

Why Tiles Fall Off Your Swimming Pool Walls

Swimming pools are a great commodity for people to exercise, swim, play sports and have fun in. However, they are high maintenance and things can often go wrong. So what do you do… Continue reading

Striker Plates and Ladder Feet

Removable ladders are used in swimming pools to gain access into and out of the water. On a busy day at a swimming pool these ladders can be used hundreds of times, by… Continue reading

Keeping Your Pool’s Health In The Balance

If your swimming pool is a deck level pool, a vanishing edge pool or has a wave machine, then chances are that it will have a balance tank. Balance tanks are used to… Continue reading

Wave Chamber Debris

Wave chambers use large voids built into the pool to displace water with wave making machinery. The waves are generated from the wave chamber voids to create the surf effect that give swimmers… Continue reading