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Size Matters – How Big is your Pool?

Are your ladders dictating the size of your swimming pool? If the outer swimming lanes are wider than the middle lanes then it is likely that your ladders are jutting into the swimming… Continue reading

Is your moving floor adjusted correctly?

Swimming pool moving floors need to be adjusted on a regular basis to ensure they move correctly. If the floor is too tight to the wall it can put excess pressure on the… Continue reading

Finger Grip Tiles

Finger grip tiles are an important part of deck level swimming pools.  They have coloured edges (called demarcation strips) to mark the edge of the pool and the recess (the finger grip) give… Continue reading

How to avoid cracked tiles – Is it your construction joints?

When a swimming pool is constructed the concrete is poured into sections to allow for expansion and contraction of each section.  These joints must follow all the way through to the tiled surface… Continue reading

Sharp Edges Exposed – Are your swimmers cutting their feet?

Swimming pools are often constructed using tiles and grout.  Over time the grout will become eroded, exposing the edges of the tiles. Tile edges are sharp, particularly where they have been cut. These… Continue reading

Turning the lights off

Pool lights are useful in swimming pools as they can aid a lifeguard’s vision of swimmers in the water, whilst making the pool look aesthetically pleasing, but they can often go wrong. Lights… Continue reading

Draining Swimming Pools and why it needs to be done slowly

Swimming pools need to be able to move and are constructed with ‘expansion joints’ to enable this to happen.  Temperature changes will make the concrete tank expand or contract, as will weight differences… Continue reading

Keeping Your Swimmers Alive – Are You Responsible?

Council Prosecuted for Swimming Pool HSE Failings

A Council in the UK has been prosecuted by the HSE to the sum of £18,000 and ordered to pay £7,500 costs following a terrifying incident. A young girl’s hair was sucked into… Continue reading

Finger Grip Repair

Finger grip tiles are located in areas of the pool that have to withstand a heavy footfall. This can often lead to finger grip tiles obtaining extensive damage.  Once the finger grip tiles… Continue reading