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Tile Tap Test-Top Tip

This is a simple and effective test that Commercial & Specialised Diving commonly use to investigate areas of tiles that are at risk of de-bonding from the pool wall or floor, and helps… Continue reading

Wet Work Tiling

Commercial & Specialised Diving were called out this month to come to the aid of a West-Country leisure centre with major overflow channel issues. Over-flow channels are found in deck level pools –… Continue reading

Diving – a Bespoke Service

This month, Commercial and specialised diving were called out to Reading where they were able to offer a fantastic bespoke service whilst adhering to tight time constraints. The dedicated diving team had the… Continue reading

Blanking Pipework

Many swimming pools centres feel that they have to drain their pool to conduct work in the plant room pipelines or to work on plant pipes, valves and grills throughout the circulation system.… Continue reading

Equestrian Pool Maintenance

It’s not just people that get health benefits from swimming. This month we returned to one of our racing stable clients to carry out maintenance on their equine pool. Equine pools are essential… Continue reading

Grout Failure – Why you should act sooner rather than later

Regular maintenance of all aspects of your pool is a good investment as early intervention can prevent small issues developing into large costly ones. One area where this is particularly true is the… Continue reading

Pool Leak Testing – Summer in the City

London is famous for its Lidos which are much favoured by the city’s inhabitants during the summer months. When one of these historic pools developed a leak, Commercial and Specialised Diving were called… Continue reading

Celebrating 20 years Commercial Diving

Commercial & Specialised Diving celebrated their 20th anniversary this month – quite an achievement in these changing times! We believe it is down to the company’s dedication to pro-active customer service coupled with… Continue reading

Diving on the Streets of London!

Commercial and Specialised Diving were called in to carry out a job in a rather unusual situation this month.  It meant we were literally diving on the streets of London! A fountain in… Continue reading

TOP TIP – HDPE Balance Tank Covers

Commercial and Specialised Diving regularly carry out balance tank inspection and cleaning, and are experienced in working in the confined spaces these present to us. However, gaining access to the balance tank itself… Continue reading