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Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiles are a common sight in many swimming pools and Commercial & Specialised Diving are frequently called out to repair and replace these delicate tiles. In your average public swimming pool, there… Continue reading

Void Repair

Regular surveys of your pool are a good investment as early intervention can prevent small issues developing into larger costly ones. Here is an example of complete tile and render failure resulting in… Continue reading

ROV Moving Floor Survey

Remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) are often utilised by Commercial and Specialised Diving. The ROV that Commercial and Specialised Diving use is highly mobile and versatile. The ROV also contains a camera and is… Continue reading

HSE Guidance – Ladders

Steps and ladders are a common cause of accidents and injuries in swimming pools, however they do not need to be – Commercial & Specialised Diving offer a range of cost-effective H&S approved… Continue reading

Confined Space Experts

Balance tanks are confined spaces and require specialist safety and access equipment, and trained personnel. Commercial and Specialised Diving are confined space experts as well as diving experts. Many swimming pool managers are… Continue reading

Under Close Inspection

Commercial and Specialised Diving offer a wide range of surveys to ensure we meet all our customers’ needs.  Surveys are an invaluable way of ensuring Health and Safety compliance, highlighting minor defects before… Continue reading

Pool Fixtures and Fittings – Made to Measure!

Commercial and Specialised Diving offer a bespoke service to provide customised made-to-measure fixtures and fittings for your pool.  If you need a product that is not available ‘off-the-shelf’ we can help.  Fabricated in… Continue reading

Wet Works Tiling & Screed Replacement

Commercial and Specialised Diving not only work underwater but we are often contacted to conduct wet work tiling in the area between the swimming pool and the over-flow grilles which is known as… Continue reading

Moveable Floor Inspections

Many swimming pools overlook the importance of inspecting their moveable floors. The main problem is that any damage or maintenance required is extremely hard to observe without inspecting the moving floor up close… Continue reading

Tile Tap Test-Top Tip

This is a simple and effective test that Commercial & Specialised Diving commonly use to investigate areas of tiles that are at risk of de-bonding from the pool wall or floor, and helps… Continue reading