Clients appreciate CSDs ‘Highly Professional Manner’!

CSDs services were drawn upon by OPUS to effect emergency sheet pile repair works last.  The work needed to be planned, prepared and mobilised at very short notice, and the client commented that… Continue reading

Time and Tide Wait for No Man (or Diver)!

The key to delivering a smooth, successful operation within a limited time-frame lies in extensive preparation and planning, rigorous safety procedures, and attention to detail.  Procedures which CSD apply to all their dive… Continue reading

The GREAT BIG River Avon Clean-up!

The Environment Agency called upon our services again this month – this time it was to help them clean-up the River Avon in the first clearance operation for 20 years. Commercial and Specialised… Continue reading

TOP TIP – Making Your Mark!

In addition to the well-known and fairly universal  use of demarcation strips to define swimming lanes, they are also used as ‘signposts’ to swimmers  – alerting them to perimeters, access and exit points… Continue reading

Moving in Close Q-Waters!

CSD commission, survey and repair multiple moving floors each year, it is specialised work and our in-depth experience and training mean that CSD have the highly skilled teams to carry it out. Moving… Continue reading

Hassle-free Health & Safety – A Free Service with a smile!

Both Health and Safety (H&S) and Client Care are taken very seriously at Commercial and Specialised Diving.  We take great pride in providing our clients a completely free of charge H&S and hazard… Continue reading

Top Tip – HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) – A Fitting Solution!

As our top tip this month we have decided to focus on the benefit of using an HDPE product in your pool. HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. It is sometimes called “alkathene” or “polythene”… Continue reading

Down to the Wire!

CSD were called to a Leisure Centre in Sussex that had discovered a potential Health and Safety problem in their main swimming pool. Failed grouting on the pool floor had led to an… Continue reading

CSD welcome two new team members

David Keffen and Eve Elliott join our Business Support Team to help implement our 2015/2016 business development programme. David has a wealth of experience in construction project estimating and project management, and also… Continue reading

Confined Spaces and Limited Access? Not a problem for CSD!

CSDs expertise and range of skills were drawn upon once again to minimise downtime and disruption at a popular leisure centre in the south-west.  Circulation issues were tracked down to the balance tank… Continue reading