Top Tip – Tile Tap Test

This is a simple and effective test that we commonly use to investigate areas of tiles that are at risk of debonding from the pool wall or floor. Tiles may become debonded for… Continue reading

Portland Sonar Live Diver Trials

Last month, Commercial and Specialised Diving were at Portland Harbour to assist Sonardyne in their Live Diver Detection Surveys. Sonardyne are experts in acoustic positioning, inertial navigation, subsea communications and sonar imaging.

Cofferdam Burning in Portland Harbour

Underwater burning requires experienced operators to utilise oxy-arc cutting equipment which cuts steel by creating an arc between the metal to be cut and the electrode, with temperatures reaching in excess of 2000°C.

Half Term Repairs

Holiday closures are a great time to get repairs done in school pools as there needn’t be any disruption to the scheduled swimming lessons.

Top Tip – Ladder Striker Plates

This month our top tip considers ladder striker plates – these plates are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and are fixed to the floor or walls behind the ladder feet. Without… Continue reading

Poolside Tiling Repairs – Fingergrip edging tiles

Fingergrip tiles are found in pools with deck level grating, the tiles are partially submerged and provide swimmers with an edge to hold on to; as well as a demarcation strip allowing users to easily distinguish the pool edge.

The Pool With a Goal – Installing Water Polo Goals

Without a pair of goals water polo fails to draw a much of an audience and quickly begins to lack purpose.

Outdoor Lido Handrails

Draining a 90x30m pool can be immensely expensive so Commercial and Specialised Diving was called in to repair the handrails at this outdoor lido.

Top Tip – Proud Grille Fixings

Even the most eagle eyed maintenance manager would struggle to spot these common pool hazards from the surface

Welding Sacrificial Anodes to Sheet Piling, Poole Quay

This month, Commercial and Specialised Diving Ltd have been replacing galvanic anodes to a sheet pile wall in Poole Quay.