Supplement your H&S checks with an underwater survey

One of the biggest challenges when running a swimming pool is ensuring it meets health and safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using the pool. To help ensure this most pools… Continue reading

Gundry Weir Fish Pass – Bridport

This month CSD were commissioned to undertake burning works to remove some sheet piling at Gundry Weir fish pass. The sheet piling (that is used to construct a cofferdam allowing for dry works… Continue reading

Housing Development Canal Wall Survey

With the housing market being one of the hardest hit sectors in the UK since 2008 the government has been pushing to increase construction of new homes over the last few years. This includes… Continue reading

Sunken Boat Recovery in Poole Harbour Marina

Home to the Old Lifeboat Museum, which acted as Poole Harbours lifeboat station between 1882 and 1974 when it was converted into a museum, Fishermans Dock has been a centre of activity in the… Continue reading

Balance Tank Manhole Covers

In order to maintain water quality within a swimming pool with a balance tank the HSE recognises the PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) Code of Practice recommendations. These state that balance tanks should be… Continue reading

Annual Balance Tank Cleaning

The swimming pool balance tank is an important but often forgotten feature in the pool filtration system that plays a significant role in maintaining a constant water level in deck level and spa… Continue reading

Refurbishment of Two School Swimming Pools

After completing a Health and Safety condition report of two swimming pools, a competition and teaching pool, earlier on in the year for a school in Hampshire CSD highlighted some recommended remedials.  With the… Continue reading

Investigating the Lost Sherman DD-Tanks of Omaha Beach

Seventy years ago today, on 6th June 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in history, code-named Operation Neptune better known as D-Day, began on the Normandy Beaches in Northern France. This began the invasion of… Continue reading

Swanage Pier Pile Removal

Since the construction of the first pier at Swanage Bay, Dorset, in 1859 there have been numerous transformations giving rise to the pier as it stands today. The first pier was originally built to provide… Continue reading