Finger Grip Tiles

Finger grip tiles are an important part of deck level swimming pools.  They have coloured edges (called demarcation strips) to mark the edge of the pool and the recess (the finger grip) give… Continue reading

The Power of the Sea – Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Project – A World First

The sea has immense power.  It sculpts the shape of our coastline, supplies us with food and now it is going to be used to generate electricity. A pathfinder project at Swansea Bay… Continue reading

Concrete Mattresses

Concrete mattresses comprise of moulded concrete shapes joined together that can adapt to the shape of the surface they are laying on. Their primary function is to protect the surface they are installed… Continue reading

Sacrificial Anodes

      Sacrificial anodes are one of a number of methods used to protect underwater metal structures from corrosion.  This is often referred to as Cathodic Protection. For example, if a piece… Continue reading

The Troubles with Bubbles – Reservoir Aeration Systems

Water reservoirs located around the country are the main source for the majority of our drinking water.  This water can go bad, so in order to keep it healthy, a process called aeration… Continue reading

Did you know we hire out equipment?

Commercial and Specialised Diving can supply you with a wide range of marine equipment, from a wetsuit to a boat and everything in-between.   Common enquiries for our equipment include: Boats Pontoons Water… Continue reading

Canals – Keeping the Tow Paths Intact

Canals once formed the backbone of transporting resources and goods around England.  Nowadays they are used primarily for the leisure and holiday industry. Wash caused by boats travelling along the canals can erode… Continue reading

Making Waves – Wave Chamber Grilles

Swimming pools with wave machines are very popular with the public.  They work in several different ways; either by dumping lots of water into the pool at regular intervals, by displacing the water… Continue reading

Mosaic Tiling

  Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  A popular choice for the more discerning pool owner is the mosaic tile. Mosaics date from 3BC and were originally used to create artwork.… Continue reading

Expansion Joint Replacement

Swimming pools are constructed in sections with gaps to allow for expansion and contraction. Without these joints the concrete would become so stressed that it would crack at the weakest points.  Construction joints… Continue reading