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What is underneath your moving floor?

Recent years have seen a new feature regularly installed in swimming pools, in the form of a moveable floor that allows the pool floor to be extremely versatile.  The advantages of this are… Continue reading

Are your pool ladders safe?

Consider swimming pool ladders to be a safety feature; if your swimmers are in a deep pool and the ladder is not accessible, then pool users may struggle to get out. Weaker swimmers might… Continue reading

Why you should maintain your Grilles!

Don’t let your grilles become a serious hazard! Grilles and similar features of the circulation system in a swimming pool are hugely important to the cleanliness of the water and are essential components. … Continue reading

Top Tip – Ensure you have the Right Grilles – Life Saving Upgrades!

Please follow this link below to see the video; we believe that it dramatically illustrates the potential dangers of old and faulty sump grilles. With a suction draw of up to 225kgs the… Continue reading

Half Term Repairs

Holiday closures are a great time to get repairs done in school pools as there needn’t be any disruption to the scheduled swimming lessons.

Refurbishment of Two School Swimming Pools

After completing a Health and Safety condition report of two swimming pools, a competition and teaching pool, earlier on in the year for a school in Hampshire CSD highlighted some recommended remedials.  With the… Continue reading