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Are your outlet grilles a lethal danger to swimmers?

‘There should be at least two outlets per suction line at a sufficient distance apart to prevent a body being drawn or trapped by two suction line outlets. The amount of suction produced… Continue reading

HSE Guidance – Ladders

Steps and ladders are a common cause of accidents and injuries in swimming pools, however they do not need to be – Commercial & Specialised Diving offer a range of cost-effective H&S approved… Continue reading

Diving – a Bespoke Service

This month, Commercial and specialised diving were called out to Reading where they were able to offer a fantastic bespoke service whilst adhering to tight time constraints. The dedicated diving team had the… Continue reading

Top Tip – Ensure you have the Right Grilles – Life Saving Upgrades!

Please follow this link below to see the video; we believe that it dramatically illustrates the potential dangers of old and faulty sump grilles. With a suction draw of up to 225kgs the… Continue reading

Remedials to Hazards Between Swimming Sessions

Providing the best service possible to our clients is of paramount importance to CSD and in order to achieve this we often have to work to a tight schedule. Few recent projects have… Continue reading

Supplement your H&S checks with an underwater survey

One of the biggest challenges when running a swimming pool is ensuring it meets health and safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using the pool. To help ensure this most pools… Continue reading

Floating Boom Panel Replacement

Management of health and safety in swimming pools is a challenging task that relies on attention to the smallest of details that can often seem insignificant. One example highlighted by the HSE, and… Continue reading