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What is underneath your moving floor?

Recent years have seen a new feature regularly installed in swimming pools, in the form of a moveable floor that allows the pool floor to be extremely versatile.  The advantages of this are… Continue reading

Are your pool ladders safe?

Consider swimming pool ladders to be a safety feature; if your swimmers are in a deep pool and the ladder is not accessible, then pool users may struggle to get out. Weaker swimmers might… Continue reading

Why you should maintain your Grilles!

Don’t let your grilles become a serious hazard! Grilles and similar features of the circulation system in a swimming pool are hugely important to the cleanliness of the water and are essential components. … Continue reading

Welding Underwater – The Shocking Truth!

Did you know Commercial & Specialised Diving can arc weld underwater? Welding underwater needs specialist skills and equipment, all of which Commercial & Specialised Diving can provide. Arc welding underwater (also called stick… Continue reading

Children are pulling out your expansion joints!

Children are pulling out your expansion joints? ‘Where movement joints are provided in order to meet the requirements of BS 5385: Part 3 1989 (amended 1992), the compound used should be as hard… Continue reading

Underwater Drilling & Fixing

UNDERWATER DRILLING & FIXING Underwater drilling and fixing are one of our core skills here at Commercial and Specialised Diving.  Using specialist pneumatic and hydraulic drills, the range of repair, maintenance and health… Continue reading

Pool Fixtures and Fittings – Made to Measure!

Commercial and Specialised Diving offer a bespoke service to provide customised made-to-measure fixtures and fittings for your pool.  If you need a product that is not available ‘off-the-shelf’ we can help.  Fabricated in… Continue reading

Wet Work Tiling

Commercial & Specialised Diving were called out this month to come to the aid of a West-Country leisure centre with major overflow channel issues. Over-flow channels are found in deck level pools –… Continue reading

Diving – a Bespoke Service

This month, Commercial and specialised diving were called out to Reading where they were able to offer a fantastic bespoke service whilst adhering to tight time constraints. The dedicated diving team had the… Continue reading

Blanking Pipework

Many swimming pools centres feel that they have to drain their pool to conduct work in the plant room pipelines or to work on plant pipes, valves and grills throughout the circulation system.… Continue reading