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Do not drain your pool at Christmas!

Christmas is a traditional time for leisure centres to shut down and carry out annual maintenance on their swimming pool. This can involve draining the pool dry, however doing so could cost more… Continue reading

Children are pulling out your expansion joints!

Children are pulling out your expansion joints? ‘Where movement joints are provided in order to meet the requirements of BS 5385: Part 3 1989 (amended 1992), the compound used should be as hard… Continue reading

Wet Works Tiling & Screed Replacement

Commercial and Specialised Diving not only work underwater but we are often contacted to conduct wet work tiling in the area between the swimming pool and the over-flow grilles which is known as… Continue reading

Wet Work Tiling

Commercial & Specialised Diving were called out this month to come to the aid of a West-Country leisure centre with major overflow channel issues. Over-flow channels are found in deck level pools –… Continue reading