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What do you do if a tile breaks underwater?

There are many reasons why swimming pool floor tiles can fail or become damaged. Once exposed, broken tiles can present a serious Health and Safety risk. This is because their razor sharp edges… Continue reading

Is Your Grout Dangerously Low?

Regular maintenance of all aspects of your pool is a great investment, as early intervention can prevent small issues developing into large costly ones.  One area where this is particularly true is swimming… Continue reading

HSE Guidance- Pool Profiles

The following guidance is taken from the HSE publication ‘Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools’. “Abrupt changes in depth should be avoided in water less than 1.5 m in depth; Changes in… Continue reading

Diamond Cutting

A diamond cutting tool is a tool that has diamond grains fixed onto the functional parts of the tool, typically a saw. Diamond is a naturally hard material. It is perfect for grinding… Continue reading

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiles are a common sight in many swimming pools and Commercial & Specialised Diving are frequently called out to repair and replace these delicate tiles. In your average public swimming pool, there… Continue reading

CSD take it to the wall!

Commercial and Specialised Diving came to the aid of a north-west LC this month which had problems with a substantial area of failed wall tiles in their main pool. There had been issues… Continue reading

Emergency Remedials for Tiling Failure

Major problems at swimming pools that may lead to them being shut for safety reasons can happen at any time and with no warning, this is particularly true for tiling issues. For this… Continue reading

Void Repair at Faulty Sump Outlet Grille

‘Great team and a job well done!’ – Richard, Operations Manager at Nuffield Health Yeovil Since their beginning in 1957 Nuffield Health have been a leading standard for the health sector and are the… Continue reading

Re-tiling Swimming Pool Walls

Failing tiles can be found throughout a pool and for a wide variety of reasons. The most common, and conveniently the easiest to fix, involves tiles found on the pool floor and can… Continue reading

Bradley-Stoke Leisure Centres New Deep End Floor

Active South Gloucestershire’s Bradley-Stoke leisure centre recently received a newly re-tiled deep end floor in their 25m main swimming pool. One of the homes of Southwold Swimming club Bradley-Stoke leisure centre recently found that a… Continue reading